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September 2013


Fried Green Tomato Nuggets?

Why not?  You eat chicken nuggets, potato nuggets and other things that way.

Here I sit with about 20 pounds each of beautiful Juliet tomatoes just ready to be turned into some delicious sauce or fried green tomato NUGGETS - I have more to harvest and I don't like green tomatoes and I don't feel like making sauce.   Help, please come get some. $2/pound.  I posted a video about pruning these tomato and melon plants on You Tube - Here is the link to it in my Flickr garden photo album .

Keep up with fertilizing.  Your tomato plants have probably finished their huge flush of fruit and seem to be taking a break.   Don't let them get away with this.  Keep up with the fertilizing - I feed mine every 3 or 4 weeks.  Use Dr. Earth Tomato and Veggie food, or similar if you are dedicated organic gardener.  It is available at Plant World Nursery.  No Miracle Grow, it is too high in nitrogen for LV.  Replacing the nutrients in the soil is necessary to harvesting an abundance of crops.  As the soil nutrition is depleted the vegetables will become smaller and fewer and the blossoms won't apprear.

Don't put off starting to transplant your cool season veggies into the garden for your fall and winter food.  Don't do them all at once, like I did last year.  40 broccoli plants all on the same day will give you a lot of broccoli to eat all on the same day, or nearly.  I have a display garden and I also sell my extras, but you may live a little differently than me.  My planting schedule is in the back of my book, "Slam Dunk Easy Desert Gardening."  You can order it on the SweetTomatoTestGarden website, buy it at Plant World or get a copy when you visit my garden.

My pistachio nuts are starting to ripen, I picked one today and I am sure there are others out there, if I take a moment to check.  I am a fair weather gardener, if the temperature isn't just right, or it is raining, I don't go out, especially in the heat and humidity.  I go shopping.

If you drip irrigate right, use the soil, fertilizer and mulch I use, and use my insect killer and follow my directions, you can spend very little time maintaining your garden and still have it look like you worked your buns off.


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