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Growing The Tomato in Las Vegas




The “New” Book – Growing the Tomato in Terrible Dirt and Desert Heat

This is the second of three books by retired Master Gardener Leslie Doyle. In this edition, Leslie shares her knowledge and years of study on how to prepare your soil, protect your plants from nasty critters and harvest big, red, juicy tomatoes.

“In my book, I will tell you about the new discoveries learned through our tomato trials and tribulations. It’s not like any book on tomato growing you’ve ever read, because the information on how to grow them is NEW and different than anything ever published to date. You’ll find it is not more difficult to grow tomatoes my way, but because of new products, varieties and most importantly, the discovery of new methods. It is different.. and it works! I also include tips and other things I do in hot Las Vegas to insure a good crop – through the summer in our extreme heat.”

“The tomatoes in the picture (on the book cover) are Hawaiian Tropic tomatoes. These tomatoes weighed in at about 1 pound each and they were succulent and delicious tasting. I have grown tomatoes as big as 2 1/2 pounds.”

“I picked over 160 lbs. of big tomatoes off of two plants next to each other in a test bed in Las Vegas from summer through fall. And if I can do it, you can do it.”

If you grow tomatoes in a hot climate, this book will be an enormous help to you.


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