Plastic Plant Stakes 5/8″ X 5″ Plant Labels, Yellow Plastic 5 inch stakes

Write on these stakes with a pencil or use a sticky label that you make on your printer.  You can erase a pencil mark and use for more seasons.  These are the plant stakes used by professional growers.  Package contains 100.  Specify yellow or white. Note: Both white and yellow are out of stock. 



Metal Plant Labels Label Metal many 3X6 IMG_4755 Label Metal 3X6 IMG_4753

Metal Plant Labels 3″ X 6″

These never rust and can be used from year to year.  Attached them with a piece of wire to a branch of a fruit tree to identify the variety or to a stake to identify the plants in a bed or in the row.   Large enough to read without bending down.  Write on them with an enamel or lacquer paint pen from an artist supply store.  Magic Markers will fade quickly. Good for us older gals like me.  Available with or without holes – please specify.

Shipping:  There will be an additional shipping charge when your total order does not fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  I will send you an email with the additional amount for your approval and when you pay this amount I will ship your package. Please provide me with an email address that you monitor regularly.


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