Amazing Kelp

  Amazing Kelp Amazing and Nutritious See healthier plants within hours The name kelp and seaweed are interchangeable. I chose to use the name KELP rather than seaweed because it fits better on a small label. What you call it depends on where you grew up. When fishing, the captain of the fishing boat called it KELP. More Info »
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Bird Scare Tape

Bird Scare Tape Discontinued.  Size is 1" X 500-ft.  This is a holographic tape that reflects light in many directions.  It also makes noise when there is air movement.  At 500-ft it is about twice as long as other tapes on the market. I use this in my stone fruit trees, since those are the trees More Info »
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 The Sweet Tomato Test Garden "We teach you how to grow food in the desert." August 10th, 2020   When you sign up for my email gardening newsletter here on the website  I will notify you when I schedule or add a new class or special event.  I won't spam you and I won't ever share More Info »
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Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth All natural and a dream of a product for organic gardeners, vegetarians and health conscious people trying to rid their environment of chemicals and poisons.  Most of us that use DE think it is a miracle.  But, I have decided not to list the benefits and uses of Food Grade DE More Info »
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Floating Row Covers

Floating Row Covers Used for making a low tunnel house to offer protection to plants.  Watch my short video near the bottom of this. I began  using row covers because the birds were nibbling my lettuce seedlings to the stalk.  the cover is wonderful in keeping the birds away and the lettuce grew beautifully. This More Info »
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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates My gift certificates are attractive and always a thoughtful gift.   Choose them in any denomination for the desert gardener in your life.  The certificate includes a white gift envelope that is suitable for mailing or for the greeting you want to write. Christmas Stocking Stuffers Birthday Gifts Employee Incentive Awards Raffle and More Info »
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Growing Kit

     Growing Kit The Tomato Kit contains the products we use to grow our huge tomatoes in the heat. They work together to make our tomato plants stronger, make the tomatoes bigger and keep the plants insect free and free of insect borne diseases.  They work together, if you leave out using one of these More Info »
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Plant Labels

Plastic Plant Stakes 5/8" X 5"  Write on these stakes with a pencil or use a sticky label that you make on your printer.  You can erase a pencil mark and use for more seasons.  These are the plant stakes used by professional growers.  Package contains 100.  Specify yellow or white. Note: Both white and yellow More Info »
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Pots, Seedling Nursery Pots

Professional Seedling Pots Order * the 3-1/4 X 4" that are 13 in a package. You can grow 25 plants per flat when using the 3-1/4 X 4" pots.  
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Silver Reflective Mulch

Silver Reflective Mulch  -  OMRI Listed - Approved for Organic Gardens In our test garden we increased the size of the Hawaiian Tropic tomatoes on each plant as much as 6 ounces using my growing method, which includes silver reflective mulch.  We also nearly doubled the number of tomatoes, the test result was MORE FRUIT More Info »
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Soil, Leslie's Tomato Lady Soil

Leslie's Tomato Lady Soil Local Sales only.  Pick up or delivery.  Packaged or bulk.  Large or small amounts.  Huge, absolutely huge, discount on bulk soil. Low prices on delivery of bulk soil. This is the recipe I developed with a soil biologist and assembled by a local soils company after years of busting my back amending the More Info »
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Soil, Tomato Lady Vegetable and Flower Compost/Soil

Tomato Lady Soil  For Sale in Nevada only. Pick up or Delivery.  Call for bulk pricing. Rich and black and full of nutrition.  One look at this soil and you will know it is special.  Give it the nose test, too.  It smells rich and earthy.  My soil is considered compost because it only has More Info »
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Talk it Over

    Hi, Can We Talk? "Gardening is supposed to be liberating, fun and relaxing.  It doesn't have to be confusing and filled with problems and issues. " If you are unsure of what you are doing in your garden and want advice or encouragement and would like to talk it over with me, you can More Info »
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