Bird Scare Tape

Discontinued.  Size is 1″ X 500-ft.  This is a holographic tape that reflects light in many directions.  It also makes noise when there is air movement.  At 500-ft it is about twice as long as other tapes on the market.

I use this in my stone fruit trees, since those are the trees the birds tend to bother.  I put it up just as the birds are beginning to peck on the fruit.  Timing is important as the birds will get use to the Scare Tape after a couple of weeks.  This will give you some time to harvest your fruit tree with minimum damaged fruit.  This is a very long roll – lots of tape that will last you a long time.  It is a good buy.

My video on Youtube shows how I install it.  It works very well when I use it as intended.

Take the tape down after harvest.

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