Watermelon, Sugar Baby Sugar Baby

This delicious melon is still the standard of the icebox melons, Sugar Baby has been a staple at picnics for years. Vines grow to 6 feet and set 4-6 melons that measure about 10 inches wide, just the right size for the refrigerator. Sugar Baby has that unmistakable crisp, mouthwatering, sweet rich flavor.  It’s a great melon for home gardens. Open pollinated. Contains 15 seeds


Watermelon, Crimson Sweet, 7 Crimson Sweet

Large, round and averaging 25 lb.  Flesh is dark red, firm and fine-textured. We originally decided to grow our watermelons over our Silver Reflective Mulch to shorten the growing time and to keep their bottoms off the damp earth, plus, of course, all of the other reasons you should use silver mulch.  But then we discovered a huge improvement when using the SRM.  The Melons responded very well to growing this way – there is a huge and noticeable improvement in size and color.   Open pollinated. Packet Contains 10 seeds.

melon-moon-and-stars-watermelon-1  Moon and Stars

Heirloom lovers and watermelon addicts alike love this ultra-sweet, succulent, and delectable melon, with a rind as attractive as the flesh is delicious! 100 days. Probably the most beautiful and unusual watermelon ever grown, this heirloom is also one of the sweetest! 25 to 30 pounds, but the occasional over-achiever balloons up to 50, protecting the succulent juiciness of its bright red flesh with a deeply-ridged, very thick rind! 10 seeds.

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