Tomato, Leslies Good and Tasty  Leslie’s Good and Tasty 

The seeds from this tasty tomato were originally acquired from Iraq but the little piece of paper the name was written on slipped off my desk and into the wastebasket (I think, couldn’t find it), so I re-named it.  This variety is one very tough plant; strong and sturdy.  It thrived in my sizzling hot desert garden like none other and produced lots and lots of tomatoes.  My guess is that the desert in Iraq has similar heat and wind.  Leslie’s Good and Tasty combines heavy yields of tasty and full flavored 2 – 3  ounce tomatoes on a really tough and sturdy plant.   If you are not very successful in the garden and have trouble following someone else’s desert growing directions (like mine), try this plant.  It is forgiving for even the most stubborn gardener. If you fail to get this plant up and producing in the desert you can come by the Sweet Tomato Test Garden and pick some of mine.  Packet contains 15 seeds.

Heirloom, organically grown

Price: $2.00
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