Tomato, Brandywine Pink Brandywine Pink

Brandywine is the heirloom tomato standard because of its superb flavor. The large fruits grow on unusually long vines. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late – they are worth the wait.  Plants have difficulty setting fruit in our desert heat so, I start them and grow them indoors in pots until blossoms have set and little tomatoes are present, grow lights are necessary.  Then I transplant them into the garden – usually before the temps reach 100F.  Do not cage tomatoes in the desert.  The plants don’t like sticking up into our hot desert winds.  Heirloom, grown organically. Packet contains 15 seeds.

IMG_1567 Email sizeFollow my directions in my book to get the same good results I get.

Price: $2.00
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