Squash, Long vining Jumbo Pink Banana Squash 2.50 Pink Banana Squash

Out of Stock. 105 days. Large, pink banana-shaped fruit can weigh 10-50 lbs. This variety is over 100 years old. If you are looking to set the record for your county’s (or state’s) biggest squash, then this squash is your answer. Fine flavored, dry, sweet, orange flesh that is superbly fine tasting.  It keeps for months when stored properly.  In Las Vegas this squash is sold in the markets packaged by the slice and not usually the whole squash.  Packet contains 15 seeds.  But don’t plant more than 1 or 2 unless you have lots of room for long vines.

Heirloom variety, organically grown

Out of Stock


Price: $2.50
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