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Tomato Lady Soil 

For Sale in Nevada only. Pick up or Delivery.  Call for bulk pricing.

Rich and black and full of nutrition.  One look at this soil and you will know it is special.  Give it the nose test, too.  It smells rich and earthy.  My soil is considered compost because it only has enough sand in it for proper drainage.  It is unlike garden soils who start with sand and then add only a small amount of organics, usually sawdust from a local cabinet shop.

This is my recipe for fabulous compost/soil and it is all I use at the Sweet Tomato Test Garden.  I have it made by a soils company because it is such hard work for me and too time consuming.

When visitors saw my extraordinary desert garden they wanted the same soil as me.  So I decided to make it available to anyone.

It is low priced, too.  I do this because I want everyone to have a successful garden and you can’t have a good garden without good soil.

It is sold bulk by the cubic yard or smaller, down to a 15-gallon nursery bucket, this is about the same as 2 cubic feet – which is typical of the 2-cubic foot bags of compost found in the garden centers.  Bring your own sturdy containers and save some money.

How much should you buy?  Call me with length and width measurements of your garden bed and I will calculate it for you.

Prices below are for pick-up.  Please call us for delivery and delivery price, 702-490-5217.

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