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                        Leslie’s Tomato Lady Soil

Local Sales only.  Pick up or delivery.  Packaged or bulk.  Large or small amounts.  Huge, absolutely huge, discount on bulk soil. Low prices on delivery of bulk soil.

This is the recipe I developed with a soil biologist and assembled by a local soils company after years of busting my back amending the sand, manure, and sawdust commonly sold here as garden soil or planting mix,  and after years of composting and never getting enough soil to build a nice big garden bed.  I also felt that trying to amend our boron infused desert soil was like breeding a show dog with an ugly mutt and expecting fabulous puppies – impossible.

Leslie’s Tomato Lady Soil is rich and black and nutritious and not the sandy stuff passed off as garden soil or planting mix.  I recommend that Leslie’s Tomato Lady Soil be at least  4-inches deep on top of native or existing soil and to plant directly into it and not mix it in with what you already have, my beds are 6 to 8″ deep over native dirt, I do not dilute it with other soil.  It is not meant to amend anything – it is Good to Go Just spread it, add the proper fertilizer for the plant you want to grow and plant and water it.

Annual veggies are fairly shallow rooted and 4″ of my nutritious soil is enough to top off your existing soil.  A raised bed, with or without sides is the recommended way to grow.  A mound of soil or a structure to contain the soil is suitable.  Phone 702-490-5217 with the width, length, and depth of your bed and I will figure out the number of cubic yards you need, or the number of cubic feet you need if you need a smaller amount.

Save Money on Delivery.

Pick up or we deliver.   The delivery charge depends on the distance and size of the truck needed.  Please phone us and ask how we can help save you money.  702-490-5217.

You can purchase a small pot of soil or up to many cubic yards, and even just a truckload in my containers or my truck or in your truck.  A small pick-up truck will hold 1-cu. yd, a large pick-up truck can hold 2-cu. yds.  Call us to calculate the cubic yards or cubic feet you need.  I will help you not to over-buy.

Please don’t try to order soil on the website.  We don’t ship soil through the post office.  You can pick it up or we will deliver soil but you have to talk with me on the phone, or here in person at the Test Garden and I will help you calculate how much you need.

Phone:  702-490-5217

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