Silver Reflective Mulch  –  OMRI Listed – Approved for Organic Gardens

In our test garden we increased the size of the Hawaiian Tropic tomatoes on each plant as much as 6 ounces using my growing method, which includes silver reflective mulch.  We also nearly doubled the number of tomatoes, the test result was MORE FRUIT – BIGGER FRUIT – NO APHIDS – NO WHITEFLIES – NO DISEASED PLANTS!

How it works:
This product reflects light up into your plants.  Increased light encourages faster photosynthesis, which results in more blossoms and more and bigger fruit. It discourages insects that like to hide on the shady underside of leaves. They get confused when they see light coming from below and go somewhere else.  It interrupts the metamorphosis of tomato hornworms and it is excellent in repelling whiteflies & aphids.  We like it a lot, especially for repelling insects.  We have used it for years with complete success.

  • Helps eliminate disease spread by insects.
  • Helps plants photosynthesize faster.
  • Keeps the soil at a more even temperature.
  • Keeps the soil more evenly moist.
  • Discourages birds.
  • Keeps out weeds.
  • Used agriculturally to increase harvest and improve the quality of tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables.

Dispose of after the season – it gets dirty and this stops its reflective quality.

Available in rolls 30-inches wide X 100-ft. or sheets 30-inches x 8-ft.

For the home garden:  Rolls of 30-inches X 100-feet or more ships in a tube, separately from your box of products.  We can ship up to 300 ft (3 rolls) in one tube.  Contact us for a quote for more than the 3 roll pack.

For the smaller garden bed or pots.  Smaller lengths cut 30″x 8-ft.  The package contains 2 pieces.  Place a sheet on each side of the row of veggies down the length of an 8-ft bed for maximum effect. Ships in a package. > Available here

For the farm or orchard:  We have standard rolls at 60-inches, 80-inches and 100-inches wide all by 4,000- feet long and can cut custom widths for you.  For these larger rolls, up to 4,000 feet and/or wider rolls, please contact us by phone or email for a quote.

Shipping:    There will be an additional shipping charge when your total order does not fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope or if we have to use a second box.

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