Pumpkin, Small Sugar 1 Small Sugar

Heirloom.  Small Sugar pumpkins have very smooth textured, bright orange flesh and the finest flavor for making mouthwatering pies. Vines develop 4-6 round, orange, slightly ribbed, 7 inch diameter, It is very fine-grained, scrumptious sweet and sugary, and keeps well.  110 days.  Packet contains 15 seeds.


Pumpkin, Autumn GoldAutumn Gold

7- to 10-pound fruits turn golden early and then mellow to rich orange!  One of the most beautiful pumpkins you will ever grow!

90 days. Winner of an AAS award, Autumn Gold Hybrid is a small pumpkin with a perfect shape and color. The 7- to 10-pound fruits are lightly creased, with smooth skin and a very uniform color. They turn golden very early in their growth, then mature to a deep, glossy orange that seems to typify the mellow tones of autumn.  Contains 15 seeds.
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