Sprayer-MisterUp or Down Plant

The spray head on this mister-sprayer rotates so you can even spray sideways.  This is a very cool tool and useful where you want to spray the undersides of leaves or . . . .

Insects hide on the shady undersides of leaves and lay their eggs there, too.  It is cooler and they are hidden from view of you and other insects that might want to eat them.  This is where you should be spraying your insect control, repellent.

The screw cap will fit most household bottles, but I opted to buy one at my garden center to get the size I wanted.  To shorten the stem, cut with garden pruners. I use this to apply my Amazing Kelp to the house plants because I cannot bring the big gallon tank of it into the house.  A very useful and clever tool.  Buy a few of them – you will want to give them to friends, (they will be so impressed that you thought of them.)

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