Chives, Onion Onion Chives

Good in pots.  Foliage grows 6-12” tall and has a mild onion flavor that is great for flavoring a wide variety of dishes! Grass-like clusters of hollow leaves grow back quickly after being cut. Round balls of pink flowers are very showy and beautiful and can be used as a garnish as well!  80 days. Packet Contains 15 seeds

Chives, garlic Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives Mature in 60 days. A grass-like herb of the onion family. Flat tube-like tops which are cut as needed have a mild flavor midway between garlic and onion. Used for flavoring salads, soups, stews and stir-fry. Use fresh or freeze for later use.  Packet Contains 15 seeds.

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