Onion, White Lisbon Bunching 1 Bunching Onions

60 days. White Lisbon is a scallion, also called a green or spring onion and sometimes referred to as a bunching onion. A popular variety for decades because it produces dependably in widely varying conditions. It thrives in a wide range of soils, is heat and cold tolerant, and can be sown successively throughout the season. For the finest quality, pencil-thin onions, sow seed densely, and do not thin seedlings. Open pollinated.  Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Candy Onion

75 days. Candy onions are crisp with a slightly sweet flavor when raw; when cooked, they become tender with a mild, pleasant flavor. Sweet-onion choice that is adapted to a diversity of climates. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.


Desert Sunrise Onion

75 days. Short day onion. Good to grow in Las Vegas and southern gardens. This over-wintering onion produces good yields of large, flattened globes. The flesh is crisp, sweet and mild. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

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