Delicious Melon

4-5 lbs; round-oval muskmelon with salmon-orange sweet flesh. A popular home garden variety.  Very early, 6″ in diameter melon that reaches 2-3 pounds in size. Deep salmon flesh is sweet, rich and aromatic.  Highly recommended for those trying to get to market early. Disease Resistant: Fusarium Wilt resistant. Packet contains 15 seeds

Arava Melon

This green-fleshed tropical melon is deliriously aromatic, sweet and crisp. Arava is a reliable producer year after year. Galia melons were developed by crossing a honeydew to a cantaloupe, resulting in a perfectly round melon with smooth, netted skin that turns yellow when ripe. Produces heavy yields of blemish-free, 3-4 lb. melons. 77 Days to Maturity. Melons need heat to grow well and this makes them a terrific plant to grow in the desert.  Don’t plant them too early in spring, wait for the nights to warm. I plant in May and don’t harvest them until they are very fragrant.  Packet contains 15 seeds

Melemon Lemon

AAS Winner2013 AAS Winner! Plants are earily, strong and high yielding. Fruits are uniform in shape, ideally perfect for the market grower and home gardener. Melon has the flavor of a delicious sweet-tangy honeydew. This is an All American Selections Winner.   Contains 15 seeds

Sharlyn Melon

Excellent in hot, dry climates.  Fruits are 6-9 pounds. This melon boasts a juicy, sweet, and aromatic pale-green flesh which turns orange around the seed cavity.  Very consistent taste and flavor.  Excellent for farmers markets. Heirloom variety, Grown organically. Packet contains 15 seeds

Crenshaw Melon

These melons were bred by crossing casaba melons with Persian melons, also sometimes called muskmelons. Large melons with wonderful sweet flavor! A family favorite that grows best in warm, dry climates. Fruit are oval-shaped and green-yellow, salmon pink flesh with good yields. Will slip off the vine when ripe. The vigorous vines produce bumper crops of oval fruits up to 14 lb. each, even up north. Great for freezing. Dark green skin ripens to yellowish green. Packet contains 15 seeds

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