Outback Lettuce

A Romaine type lettuce.  This is not a floppy leaf lettuce – it has structure to the leaves. I plant these as a border plant and also in my large pots around the trunks of dwarf trees. This looks very pretty and makes a decorative cover over the soil.
Plant attractive lettuces in the landscape next to your dormant roses and other plants. Just be sure the plant has not been treated with a systemic insect killer as these are poisons.  Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Oak-shaped, red-burgundy leaves on full, 8 to 9-in. (20 to 23-cm) rosette heads. Performs well Spring through Fall; color is more intense in cooler weather. 50 days to maturity; baby: 28 days. Loose leaf type.   Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Jericho Lettuce

Heat tolerant for summer harvests. Bred in the desert in Israel, this Romain can stand up to punishing heat. 14-16″ tall heads weigh 2-3 pounds. Packed with scrumptious, crisp, sweet leaves makes it a winner every time. Good selection for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Jericho has some tolerance to Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew as well as excellent resistance to heat stress and Tip Burn. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

This extremely popular lettuce has a luscious buttery texture. The soft heads are creamy yellow inside and have some heat resistance. Best in cooler regions. Plant every 2 weeks in cool season. Likes fertile soil, ample water. Best when picked minutes before your meal. Space lettuce plants 8″ apart. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Breen Lettuce

Also is beautiful in the landscape. i love this lettuce. Breen forms a very compact mini head early. The short plant average 8″ tall and is very slow to become oversized. Color is a medium bronze red. Though best for mini heads, it can also be used as a medium red baby leaf. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

New Fire Red Lettuce

29 days. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Can be grown in both cool and warm weather conditions without becoming bitter. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.


Vulcan Lettuce

Vulcan lettuce has a brilliant red color on a lighter green background. It’s a vigorous and uniform plant and holds well. Slow to bolt. Heads can grow quite large so if you want full heads space plants at least 18″ apart Vulcan shows off better color than other red leaf types. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Wildfire Mix Lettuce

28 days. High percentage of red leaves. This blend was created for high color contrast of the darkest red varieties paired with a vibrant green varieties. Includes green oakleaf, red oakleaf, green romaine, and red leaf lettuces. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

Mesclun Blend Lettuce

A delicious diversity of color, texture and flavor. The tender leaves are ready to cut quickly (when plants reach 4-5 inches tall) and will regrow rapidly for a second and even third cutting. Sweet and juicy! Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.


Starfighter Leaf Lettuce

52 days. Heat tolerant, disease-reistant green leaf. Starfighter produces high yields of uniform, medium-sized heads with good flavor. The dark green leaves are shiny and slightly savoyed. Excellent bolt and tipburn tolerancec combined with disease resistance. Packet contains a large pinch of seeds.

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