Outback Lettuce

A Romaine type lettuce.  This is not a floppy leaf lettuce – it has structure to the leaves. I plant these as a border plant and also in my large pots around the trunks of dwarf trees. This looks very pretty and makes a decorative cover over the soil.
Plant attractive lettuces in the landscape next to your dormant roses and other plants. Just be sure the plant has not been treated with a systemic insect killer as these are poisons.  Packet contains 1 large pinch of seeds.


Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Oak-shaped, red-burgundy leaves on full, 8 to 9-in. (20 to 23-cm) rosette heads. Performs well Spring through Fall; color is more intense in cooler weather. 50 days to maturity; baby: 28 days. Loose leaf type.   Packet contains 1 large pinch of seeds.

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