Lantana Red and Canna Red or Gold Lantana

We offer a box full in season, Mid-summer, fresh cut and unrooted lantana cuttings using  the US Postal Service Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  The size is,  6-1/2 X 11 X 5-1/2 inches deep.  This is a lot of potential plants.   Lantana are easy to root and we think this is a good way for you to obtain nice landscape plants for your garden.  Rooting directions are on the internet.

Lantana Gold

Lantana are great as a ground cover or a feature  plant and in hanging baskets.  They are drought tolerant and an important plant in water efficient desert landscapes.  And they bloom and bloom and bloom.  Sooo pretty and blooming all of the season.  Lantana are a fabulous selection for your landscape.

Please unpack and start your cuttings as soon at your package arrives – don’t let the package sit in the hot sun when the postman delivers it.