Hawaiian Tropic is ‘THE’ star performer for desert gardeners.

Indeterminate. Hybrid. About 65 days.   Meaty & tasty tomatoes about 12 – 17 ozs.

In our Las Vegas test garden this delicious variety produces heavily, even in the heat, when grown using my growing method.   Blossom drop is minimal and the plants continue to set fruit in our high temperature.  Many of us think this tomato tastes better than the highly praised Brandywine tomato.


IMG_1567 Email sizeThis is the variety I grow year after year for a dependable harvest in Las Vegas.  It is important to grow tomatoes the way I grow them if you want the same good results – please don’t think you can get away with  sticking  tomato plants in a cage up in the hot desert wind and still get the plants to set fruit.  Be sure to order this book because you will need to tweak your growing method if you aren’t already picking lots of tomatoes.  You will find it listed in the Products Section.

Desert gardeners got lucky with this tomato variety, in that it is delicious as well as being the most heat tolerant of the large tomato varieties that I have grown. The tomatoes in the picture are my Hawaiian Tropics but, that is not a smile on my face.  That tray weighs about 20 pounds and I am telling my husband, “Hurry up and take the @#$%& picture, honey, this tray is heavy.”   Packet contains 15 seeds.

Price: $3.95
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