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SOLD OUT – Inchellium Red Garlic  –  Grown Organically

We harvest our garlic in May    –     You may begin to order garlic beginning in March for shipment to you beginning in June.

Inchellium Red garlic is a softneck garlic that is well suited to Las Vegas and other mild winter gardens.  For the hobbyist it is important to know that because it is a softneck variety it can be braided when it is fresh and the leaves have not dried.  Pick up at the Test Garden only.  We don’t ship garlic with leaves for braiding.

My Inchellium Red garlic bulbs are organically grown here at the Test Garden.  We plant them in Las Vegas about the 3rd week of October and they are usually ready to harvest about the 3rd week of the following May.

I decided to grow only one variety because of the limited size of the Test Garden, so I wanted that garlic to be what many thought to be the BEST garlic.  To find out what was the best garlic I asked other garlic growers, chefs and people I work with at Organic Gardening Magazine.  I was also referred to a garlic test that was performed, in a previous year, by staff at Organic Gardening Magazine in their search to find the answer to, “what garlic to chefs prefer”?

Inchellium Red was the variety that was most frequently mentioned by cooks, chefs, growers and those I asked that are familiar with the nuances of garlic flavors, size of cloves, ease of using, length of storage, etc.  Inchellium Red keeps a very long time – from our harvest in May to planting near the end of October.  WOW.  And then even longer as I still have some bulbs on the kitchen counter to use in Christmas dinner.

Enough said.  I decided not be the place to get every kind of garlic.  Only the place to get a very good garlic, (or according to some, the best).  I grow mostly Inchellium Red and sometimes I test another variety to compare and see if I am still right about what has become my personal preference.

There are usually 8 big cloves in a bulb of Inchellium Red garlic plus some smaller cloves in the center.  I plant them 6-inches apart, because many bulbs get huge, then I cover the clove with 2″ of soil.  Plant all of them if you have room and not just the biggest cloves like others recommend.  It is widely accepted that the biggest cloves produce the biggest bulbs, but, I have found that this is not always true.  I have grown some nice size garlic bulbs from the little cloves that others have told me to eat, not plant.

We sell our fresh and uncured garlic beginning with our harvest in May.  It is fresh from our rich Tomato Lady Soil and unlike any garlic you can purchase at your local stores.  Most people have never tasted fresh garlic.  Some chefs lust after this fresh garlic.  Send me an email to reserve our fresh garlic.  The price is the same as the cured garlic and it is only available near harvest time and must be reserved.

Cured garlic will be shipped beginning about the middle of June and later, until we run out of it.

Shipping is included in the purchase price.  To order a quantity greater than 1-pound please phone for price and have your credit card handy.  Phone: 702-490-5217.

SOLD OUT FOR 2018,  So Sorry.

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