Fortex Bean

A “must have” for CSA’s and farm stands, Fortex’s stringless pods are delicious at lengths from 7-11″, even after the seeds have enlarged. For gardens short on space, it is a great vertical option. Dark green, early, and very productive with a long growing season. Walnut brown seeds. This is our favorite pole bean.
Lots of bang (bean) for the buck. Contains 15 seeds

bean-inca-pea-bean-pixInca Pea Bean

90 days to dried beans.  Heirloom pole bean.  This vigorous climber gets off to a speedy start and finishes early.  It has edible and string-less pods that produce beautiful egg shaped beans that are great in soups and as re-fried beans.  They remind me of the brown and white markings on those beautiful Jersey/Holstein cows.  I think they are the most beautiful bean I have grown, I love shelling them.  Contains 15 seeds harvested here at the Test Garden.

For planting dates and Veggie growing tips Be sure to read,
“Slam Dunk Easy Desert Gardening.”

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