Floating Row Covers

Used for making a low tunnel house to offer protection to plants.  Watch my short video near the bottom of this.

I began  using row covers because the birds were nibbling my lettuce seedlings to the stalk.  the cover is wonderful in keeping the birds away and the lettuce grew beautifully.

This Agribon material will offer 4F degrees of freeze protection, not much, but in our warm winter climate 4F degrees may be all I need.  It has a benefit in that it gives my plants FROST PROTECTION.  This is huge for me. It emits about 84% of light, so there is also a tiny bit of shade protection.  I don’t recommend shade protection for our veggie plants, (I prefer frequent and adequate drip irrigation in the summer), but 84% seems to be OK with the plants, especially where I use the Silver Reflective Mulch.

It will also give your plants insect protection.  Often times we tend to rush the season and transplant our seedlings into the garden on the first warm day of spring or winter.  Of course this first warm day is also the signal for  the insects to begin hatching from their overwintered eggs and go hunting for a meal – they are starving.  Your recently planted baby plants and tender little seedlings are just what they’re looking for.  Here is where the floating row covers will help to keep the the insects off your plants.

It is 83-inches wide and priced by the linear foot at $0.55 cents per foot. Order enough for it to drop off the ends of the tunnel house frame and reach the ground, and then some more for under the bricks or pins.  I weight it down with bricks, and sometimes with landscape pins and I also make the clips that fit my hoops – if you buy my 8-ft long hoops,  my clips will fit.  This 83-inch width fits an 8″ long hoop whose ends stick in the earth 4-feet apart and about 5 to 8-inches deep – per my video.

Shipping:  There may be an additional shipping charge when your total order does not fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  I will send you an email with the additional amount for your approval and when you pay this amount I will ship your package.  Please provide me with an email address that you monitor regularly.

Please phone me at 702-490-5217 for any length that is not listed below and I will cut it to size, and you can pay for this over the phone using your credit card.

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