Food Grade Diatomaceous EarthDE 2 pounds

All natural and a dream of a product for organic gardeners, vegetarians and health conscious people trying to rid their environment of chemicals and poisons.  Most of us that use DE think it is a miracle.  But, I have decided not to list the benefits and uses of Food Grade DE because of government related fees I would incur associated with my labeling it for some of the uses.  Most of us who are health conscious and/or organic gardeners and foodies know about and use DE – me, too.  There are so many uses for this product that I have to leave it to you to search the web for information.  I package it in a 1-gallon ziplock bag, like you use at home.  It holds about 10-ounces of DE.  That is alot.  I also offer it in a refillable chest that you can purchase at the Test Garden, we don’t ship the chest. 

Price: $8.00
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