Cilantro Herb, Cilantro

Cilantro is becoming one of the most popular fresh herbs in the US for its distinctive taste and versatility. The leaves (cilantro) usually resemble parsley and impart a thoroughly unique, spicy bite to foods. Cilantro is used mostly in Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and Indian cooking, proving especially delicious alongside tomatoes and lime. The seeds (coriander) are an important ingredient in curry as well as pickling. Cilantro is easy to grow and can be sown every 3 weeks during the growing season to ensure a steady supply!   Packet contains 15 seeds.

parsley_giant_naples Herb, Italian Parsley

Italian Large Leaf type that is harvested at the Test Garden.  I grow this in a raised bed at the front door because it looks so amazing and it is handy to use or gift.  This is our most popular parsley to use in cooking.  We use the curly leaf for garnish and to sweet the breath.  Open pollinated.  Packet contains a large pinch of seeds (they are too hard to count).

parsley_forest_green 2 Forest Green Parsley

Short, strong stems support big clusters of highly curled dark-green leaves. Its non-bitter flavor invites you to use large quantities in potato dishes and many other salads and garnishes.  I grow this on the edge of the beds, along the sidewalk and as a border plant around my garlic and daffodils.  A useful plant in the landscape and delicious, too.  Matures in 80 days.  Pack contains a large pinch of seeds.  Contains 1 large pinch of seeds.  Too many little seeds for me to count.

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