Snow Crown Cauliflower

Have you ever seen such a beautiful picture of a cauliflower?  They look like this in the garden, too.  I use a clothespin to clip the leaves together to keep the sun off of the developing bud – this helps to keep it this beautiful.  Its vigor and rapid growth make it one of the easiest to grow of all early cauliflowers. It forms fully domed curds in heads 7-8 inches across, weighing 1-2 pounds. This variety maintains its prime eating quality for up to 10 days in the garden. May display a delicate pink blush when maturing in the hotter parts of summer. Hybrid.  Packet Contains 15 seeds

Cauliflower Purple of Sicily

A vibrant Italian heirloom. Beautiful, brilliant purple heads weigh 2-3 pounds. This beautiful cauliflower is gorgeous in the garden and cooks to bright green in the pot. Gets lots of attention from visitors. Heirloom. Packet contains 15 seeds.

Vitaverde Cauliflower

The vitaverde cauliflower, or “broccoflower”, is the famous cross of broccoli and cauliflower. The vitaverde broccoflowers grows up to 1 pound. This hybrid has a vibrant green head, is heat tolerant and cooks fast with a mild sweet taste. Packet contains 15 seeds.

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