Cabbage, Ruby Perfection, Johnnys 177Ruby Perfection Cabbage

The No. 1 mid-late red cabbage. The heads are medium-sized, dense, and a uniform high-round shape with good wrapper leaves. Good field holding ability. Matures just in time for late summer crops or fall harvest for medium-term storage. They have good holding ability or can be stored for a few months. Resistant to thrips.  Packet contains 15 seeds.

Cheers Cabbage

75 days. This is a delicious cabbage with exceptional disease resistance. Forms large, round cabbage with dark, blue-green leaves weighing an average of 5lbs. This variety is perfect for those who have trouble growing cabbage as this one is especially easy to grow with a strong disease resistance. Heirloom.
Packet contains 15 seeds.

Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

90 days. A large heirloom cabbage from 1889 with deep read heads that have good flavor and are very colorful. “The largest of the Red Cabbages and the most sure heading, also the best for pickling”. Those good storing cabbages produces 5-8 pound flattened round heads. Packet contains 15 seeds.

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