Chioggia Beets

Beet Heirloom, Chioggia, Johnnysseeds This is an Italian heirloom beet that got its start before 1840.  Chioggia, pronounced key-oh-jah, is a city of Northern Italy near Venice. The surrounding region is known as the Veneto and it’s famed for it’s vegetable production.  Tops are green with pink-striped stems.  Fast growing and long-standing with a sweet flavor that will add to just about any dish.  Chioggia beet is noted for its absence of bleeding.  In ancient times beet roots were primarily used for medicinal purposes as they contain a lot of beta carotene and vitamin C.  Because of its beautiful color, Chioggia has become a real attraction at farmers’ markets.  Packet contains 20 seeds.

Bulls Blood Beets

Beet, Bulls Blood 1Beet, Bulls Blood






Bulls Blood has the reddest foliage I have ever seen.  The earliest thinnings spark up spring and fall salads with a leaf color as richly dark red as radicchio.  As the roots enlarge, the baby beets are also delicious cooked and mixed with salad.  The small sweet red roots are best when harvested young.  When sowing, mix beet seeds with fast-sprouting radish seeds to mark the rows.  These grow best in cool weather and full sun.  Contains 20 seeds.

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