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The Tomato Kit contains the products we use to grow our huge tomatoes in the heat. They work together to make our tomato plants stronger, make the tomatoes bigger and keep the plants insect free and free of insect borne diseases.  They work together, if you leave out using one of these products you won’t get the same results that I do, that’s a promise.   However, we expect that you will follow the growing method in the book, and if you do, and you don’t get 2 months of rain, wind, etc. and you experience similar growing conditions as we have, , , (which are not real great in the desert), you should have a great crop of big Hawaiian Tropic tomatoes and oodles of the others.

The Tomato Kit includes enough Amazing Kelp to make 32-gallons of foliar feed and my book on growing tomatoes, plus enough a 100-foot roll of silver reflective mulch that is 2-1/2 feet wide.  Plus there are 4 varieties of seeds, that includes the  large Hawaiian Tropic tomato and 3 other amazing tomato varieties we grow from year to year.

We don’t sell the fertilizer at this time, but you should be able to purchase this locally. Just be sure to use a tomato and veggie fertilizer with an NPK ratio about 8-10-3 or 5-10-5, which is  good for all your fruiting veggies (as opposed to leafy veggies which need more nitrogen).   You’ll save a few this way, not a lot, but this is to encourage you to get what you’ll need all at once to grow them the right way. Sometimes people will buy only the book just to have to come back at a later date and get the seeds, mulch and other stuff they can’t find elsewhere and they incur another packaging and handling charge. We want to help you keep your cost down.

If you want to grow some other veggies too, order the Veggie and Tomato Kit. This includes my book, “Slam Dunk Easy Desert Gardening,” which has my Veggie Planting Calendar and 4 packs of some my favorite veggie seeds as well as the items in The Tomato Kit and you’ll save another shipping charge.  Order the Veggie and Tomato Kit.

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