Swiss Chard, Bright Lights

I have used a lot of this variety of Swiss Chard as a landscape plant again this year and I am planting lots of Pac Choi and Lettuces as border plants around the edges of my raised beds.

I have reduced the number of chickens  and only have enough for eggs for myself and occasionally a friend or two; the feed is too expensive and I was going in the hole big time because I wasn’t charging what they cost to keep.

Beginning in sometime in February I will have plants, soil and my other favorite products, for sale here at the Test Garden.  I will be here all daylight hours and other times if you phone me.  We are busy growing veggies, shrubs, trees and a few house plants.  The garden looks nice, come and see it, come and visit.

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My Free Gardening Classes at
Centennial Hills Library 2018

Wednesday Nights  –  Free Gardening Classes
January, February and March

6711 N. Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89131


Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. 

Jan 3, Feb 7 and March 7.  –  Growing Tomatoes & Veggies in Las Vegas You should be picking an abundance of big and juicy tomatoes like I grow.  I will show you how, it’s easy if you change a couple of things your doing now, (or are not doing ? ? ?). 

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  

Jan 24, Feb 21 and March 21.  –  What Kind of Soil, Fertilizer, How Much to Water?  This is one of the most critical things to be aware of if you don’t want to waste you time trying to grow food.  I can explain to you in a heartbeat why you think you don’t have a green thumb – and you will be able to fix it.

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Jan 31, Feb 28 and March 28.    Seed Starting Workshop  Start Pepper & Chili Seeds.  I will provide seed starting kits free of charge to the first 10 students.  Additional kits and supplies can be purchased through my website or before or after the class at the Test Garden, or you can just listen – you don’t have to plant during the class. 

Please be early, or at least on time in order to say hello and to chat for a minute.  We will start on time as there is a lot of good news to tell you in an hour.  You cannot purchase seeds, fertilizer, soil and such at this class, you  can purchase another time at the Test Garden.  But bring your library card – it is a library and there are lots of books, tapes, etc., to take home.   This class fills up fast and we have only room for a limited number due to the size of the room.  

Years ago I published my Transplanting Schedule.  It is the window of opportunity I use to plant my garden so I can pick veggies  every day of the year.  It is in the back of my “Slam Dunk Easy Desert Gardening” book.  I don’t like to eat everything on the list, but I have grown them and know how they grow in this climate.

With this in mind, and knowing we all like something free once in a while, I will be doing a few seed starting classes that are free.  Usually this class has a fee because of materials but this is a free class and is packed with good info, no fluff, and will get you started on the right foot.  If not, I have a phone and you can call me.

Come to my FREE classes – Click this link for info.

Also in the class I will try and convince you to get off the internet and the blogs for gardening advice that doesn’t apply to Mojave desert gardeners.  Or from trying trendy things or tips that you picked up from the end of the grapevine.  You know what I mean, the “I heard that you can do . . .”  or, “I heard that this is . . .”  

Here is your chance to discover what you need to know to grow an abundance of veggies in your own desert yard.
Everything grows in Las Vegas –  I’ll show you.  It’s easy.

 Start Warm Season Seeds Valentine’s Day

Please don’t  forget to start a few veggie seeds weekly for your garden.   Remember that the Transplanting Guide in the back of my book is talking about when to transplant veggie plants outside and not starting the seeds; the seeds are started 6-8 weeks before transplanting and are started indoors and grown under grow lights.  You can do this.  Children do it, it’s not difficult.


Winter hours for The Sweet Tomato Test Garden –  Open daylight hours for visitors to the garden.  Please call first – sometimes I go shopping , (love to shop).