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Now shipping for spring

We Have Been Busy Starting 1000’s of Tomato Seeds to be ready for this spring and now the plants are big enough to sell.  They are beautiful.  There is so much joy in caring for the little seedlings and watching them grow and mature into something you want to take home.

I have been having Saturday workshops here in my garden for the last couple of Saturdays and plan to have more, now the the rains seem to have stopped.  Watch for my newsletter as sometimes they are spontaneous workshops because I try to squeeze one in between the rains and winds.

I am planning a workshop in a couple of weeks down on the south east part of the valley.  This will be in a customer’s newly landscaped backyard and I will let you know when I have the details.

I hope  you will come over and get some of our beautiful Hawaiian Tropic tomato plants, other tomato plants and veggies, too.  And of course silver mulch, kelp, the fertilizer I use plus, I’ve got tons of Tomato Lady Soil to put in your truck or car or I’ll bring it to you – I deliver.  Buying soil here is easy and when we deliver to you  we can help you get it into your backyard, ask when you order.  This is good for us gals who can’t shovel it into the backyard.

Please bring a credit card or something smaller than a $20 bill if you can.  I sure can use some $5’s and $10’s towards the beginning of the day.  Also, I need pots, big pots like 1-gallon to 15-gallon sizes.  I will recycle them for you.  Please don’t throw them out.

Call me on my cell; 702-472-3258 if you have any questions.


It is now possible to stay at The Sweet Tomato Test Garden as a guest in either my Guesthouse or my large Efficiency Apartment (Mother-in-Law quarters).  Both have a private entrance and keypad door lock so you can come and go without disturbing me.  Both have a private bathroom, microwave, fridge, queen size bed with fabulous mattresses and I can bring in a twin bed for a 3rd adult or your child.  Think of The Sweet Tomato Test Garden as a place to stay instead of an expensive hotel on your next visit to Las Vegas.  I am off the strip but short Uber/Lyft ride away.  Contact me by phone or text to 702-472-3258 for information and/or to book your reservation.

Please don’t  forget to start a few veggie seeds weekly for your garden.   Remember that the Transplanting Guide in the back of my book is talking about when to transplant veggie plants outside and not starting the seeds; the seeds are started 6-8 weeks before transplanting and are started indoors and grown under grow lights.  You can do this.  Children do it, it’s not difficult.


Summer hours for The Sweet Tomato Test Garden –  Open daylight hours for visitors to the garden.  Please call first – sometimes I go shopping , (love to shop).

Sunday by appointment only.