Me in Suede Hat small for web  NEWS TIME  Summer 2019

Watering a little bit several times a day during the sizzling summer keeps the soil at the root zone replenished with moisture so the plants always have something to drink.  Our cool groundwater will keep the plants cool.  I drip water a tiny bit of water 9 times a day, about every 2 hours, during daylight only and never shade the plants.  Who can afford to shade a farm?

Just do it. 

I know, I know, I know, It’s hard to think about starting your fall garden, but it is something that has to be done.  You know that the seeds take time to germinate (in the seed starting pots inside) and then about a couple of months to grow to a strong size to transplant into your fall garden.  Come on guys – you know you want veggies through the fall and winter.  It’s the best season for growing.  You can grow thousands of other plants in the cooler season than in the summer.  Time to start planning, get into action.  Just do it.  You will be so glad you did.

I am taking the summer and fall to visit my country.  A few years ago I traveled for 5 months and drove 18,000 miles around the USA (and Canada) by myself.  I didn’t have my little Yorkie, Fancy, then, but I do now and I had such a good time that I am going traveling again.  Lots of shorter trips this time but I will still be in my Airstream Interstate motorhome.  Oh boy, I do love this motorhome.  This time I won’t be driving alone and I’ll find out if it is big enough for two and Fancy.

I won’t be out of reach, tho.’  Call me on my cell somewhere in the USA at; 702-472-3258 if you have any garden problems or have some tips I can use for trout fishing in mountain streams, what Broadway plays are worth seeing or a great place to park my little motorhome for free – I will probably be stone broke.

Herminia, the Test Garden Manager, Chief Garden Person, Head Cashier, Head Planter and Head of Everything will still be here doing everything.  As some of you probably know by now, I don’t do much of anything anymore but hang around, piddle and bark, shop, lunch, and other important things.  Call Herminia at the Garden at 702-490-5217.

I hope you will come over to see the garden or come over if you need to ask a question or buy some plants or supplies like really good soil, mulch, etc., and seeds for fall, winter, and spring.  Or just need encouragement or reinforcement that it is really easy to grow in the desert if you just make a few simple changes and forget trying to do it as you did it before.  Remember, that doesn’t work.

Please bring a credit card or something smaller than a $20 bill if you can.  Also, I need pots, big pots like 1-gallon to 15-gallon sizes.  I will recycle them for you.  Please don’t throw them out.


It is now possible to stay at The Sweet Tomato Test Garden as a guest in either my Guesthouse or my large Efficiency Apartment (Mother-in-Law quarters).  Both have a private entrance and keypad door lock so you can come and go without disturbing me.  Both have a private bathroom, microwave, fridge, queen size bed with fabulous mattresses and I can bring in a twin bed for a 3rd adult or your child.  Think of The Sweet Tomato Test Garden as a place to stay instead of an expensive hotel on your next visit to Las Vegas.  I am off the strip but short Uber/Lyft ride away.  Contact me by phone or text to 702-472-3258 for information and/or to book your reservation.

Please don’t forget to start a few veggie seeds weekly for your garden.   Remember that the Transplanting Guide in the back of my book is talking about when to transplant veggie plants outside and not starting the seeds; the seeds are started 6-8 weeks before transplanting and are started indoors and grown under grow lights.  You can do this.  Children do it, it’s not difficult.


Summer hours for The Sweet Tomato Test Garden –  Open Mon. – Sat.  10 to 5.  Other hours by appointment. Please call first – sometimes I go to the post office.

Sunday by appointment only.